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The atmosphere becomes more romantic, under a retractable.

At Schaneli, we love to travel to different places around the world, to live the experience of the new trends in the awning industry and to bring it to our "Coolfriends". (Customers).

The concept of OUTDOOR LIFE has more and more strength. According to some experts in construction, the predominant trend with which we ended 2019, gives great importance to the creation of spaces to enjoy the outdoors, but it doesn’t stop there.

Owners of restaurants, bars and cafes, in many states of our country, are finally becoming more aware of the potential it represents to their business, taking these outside spaces more seriously. They started to adapt them with good furniture, beautiful colors and great decorations working on their usage BUT, they lack something .... Magic.

There is a lack of that romantic and unique touch offered by similar businesses in other parts of the world, like Europe. It is a difficult experience to describe and perhaps that is the reason for the astonishment of the travelers, when arriving from a trip; They arrive telling their friends and family what they have experienced, how charming these places were during their journeys.

When you sit in one of these cafes, in the open air, it's not just the coffee, or food, or even excellent service, it's something else and I finally found out what it was.

It is the entire experience that contrasts magically under a Luxury retractable.

Of course, in the USA there are many businesses with outdoor spaces, that are sometimes as careless as their services, even if the food, drinks and attention are good, the experience is exactly the same under the same fixed awning marked by the passage of spring, stained with pollen.

Very few business owners have noticed this, and now is the time to make a difference, to out stand from your competitors and at Schaneli, we can help you by bringing these magical trends to your Business.

The options are unlimited in colors, textures, sizes and designs, because retractable awnings offer that unique touch, beauty and functionality that the fixed awnings will never give you.

Manage the climate at your whim and offer your customers different experiences.

Take advantage of a beautiful day and retract the awning.

Increase your income by creating unique environments for them.

Have your customers talk about the outdoor experience you offer at your business.

Remember that maybe your effort of doing things well is falling short.

Things like delicious food and good drinks, will never reach ears far away, if the environment is the same as your competitor's. Be cool and change your outdoor environment.

Install a Schaneli (retractable awning) today in your business.

Don’t get me wrong, but opening an umbrella next to a couple of tables in your patio is no differential.

It is time to add magic and new ideas to your business, so the question is:

What can I do to create a unique, comfortable, magical and romantic ambiance, in an open space?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Create a different menu just for your patio, exclusive. This way you will create expectations in your clients and they will start talking about your business. Soon you’ll notice clients are willing to wait just to have the opportunity to sit in your patio.

2. Add adequate lightning according to the ambiance you want to give your patio. Romantic Soft lights; modern brighter lights.

3. Good music at low volumes, remember the idea is to keep your clients happy and entertained in order to increase their consumption.

4. Add a theme to your patio give it a special touch if it’s close to Valentine’s Day you could call it the Love Sacred Place. All this to reinforce the experience of your clients.

5. Make eating outside a unique experience without having to worry about the weather.

6. Keep your clients comfortable and fresh, during warmer months with some cold fans and some heaters during cold months.

7. Promote your patio as a stress-free place you could even add happy hours.

BUT, to make possible all this magic the fundamental element is that all we have listed above should be found under a retractable awning.

Nicolas Barrero


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