Shapely curves, clean lines, a fascinating color spectrum – these are the defining features of the new MX-3.

The color choice of the all­ round styling panel offers a unique styling option and makes the hearts of patio and balcony owners beat faster. When closed, the awning makes a good impression with its harmonious appearance, and when opened it fully reveals its technical superiority.

The new light in the awning sky for the best place under the sun – even in the evening. 

Clear lines. All round. If you like shapely curves in combination with a straight­ forward design, you will love the new MX-3 and you can set the tone yourself when it comes to the color scheme: fully in line with your own preferences, you can achieve minimal architectural impact or be stylishly distinctive.  

Color and contentment unlimited The markilux MX-3 takes the changing times into account. Not only with its trend­setting design but in particular with the option of personalising the colour of this designer awning.  The standard markilux awning frame colors – and eight additional accentuated colors for the all­round styling panel – can be combined at will without surcharge and are available with a color ­coordinated, recommended awning cover on request. For even more individuality, the cassette, all­round styling panel and cover can be selected from the RAL color swatch.



Compact cover cassette: only 4.7" × 9" (H x D)

Maximum enjoyment of the most attractive shade: up to 196" × 137" / 236" × 118" (awning width × projection). 

All­ round styling panel in the awning or accentuation color

LED-Line recessed in or LED-spotlights suspended under the cassette, dimmable.



The MX-1 makes an immediate impact with its unique mix of shape and functionality.

This gorgeous piece of art, creates an unparalleled atmosphere at any time of the day, which will charm you and your guests again and again.

LED Spotlights in the canopy

Highlight specific areas and enjoy the evening hours under the awning in a delightful atmosphere.


The additional awning cover in the front profile protects against low-lying sun and prying eyes at the touch of a button.


Max. 22' 11'' X 14' 4'' Overall deep approx. 2' 1/2''  Folding Arms: Bionic tendon 

Options: Shadeplus, a broad range of light and colour options.


The "petite" also offers you spectacular ambient lightning, brilliant LED options in the front profile as well as every possibility of influencing the colour design. This beauty makes your favourite spot in the garden particularly enticing. The MX-1 Compact enhances the appearance of buildings with a modern, minimalist architectural design. 


Max. 22' 11'' X 13' 7'' Overall deep approx. 1' 2'' Folding Arms: Bionic tendon

Options: Shadeplus, a broad range of light and colour options.


A designer awning with many faces-each one more beautiful than the last. Create your own personal and unique model from a wide range of awning frame colours, decorative elements and available accessories. The 6000 makes a lasting impression. It also cuts a dashing figure as well.  


More than a decorative highlight. The 6000 lights up your favorite spot in an elegant, flexible and energy-efficient manner, just the way you want. 


The vertical shading in the front profile adds the finishing touch and provides personal protection from the sun and prying eyes. 


Whether you choose the end cap insert in stainless steel mesh, the end cap trim in a chrome finish or all deliberately uniform in the awning colour of your choice-you can design your very own personalized top model. 


Max. 22' 11'' X 13' 1'' Folding Arms: Bionic tendon.  Options: LED spotlights in the front profile,

end cap insert in stainless steel mesh,  frame in polished chrome, shadeplus, valance, couple unit.


The 5010 effortlessly extends, either at the touch of a button or via smart control through an app, this awning will be a hit with all the family. On top of that, as a couple unit with up to three awnings installed next to one another, friends and guests will also be able to find a cozy spot in the generous shade this awning offers. This multi-talent encourages relaxed get togethers and turns any hour spent outdoors into a happy hour


Optionally available as an eye-catcher-and without surcharge, it's so friendly to your wallet: the chrome-look end caps fitted to the front profile. 


Enjoy relaxing on the patio even when the sun is low.


Max. 22' 11'' X 13' 1'' Folding Arms: Double chain-link arms. Optional :Bionic tendon.


polished chrome fittings,  shadeplus, valance, couple unit.


This awning exudes urban lifestyle with confidence. The neat and slim appearance of the 970 makes it the ideal model for those who love the elegance of simplicity. This svelte designer awning wraps your patio in comforting light and makes it a stylish place of retreat where your guests, too, will completely feel at home. The numerous styling options and the variable designs of the front panel lighting lend that individual something to the 970. All in one, because of its clean lines and straightforward design, this awning is an all round performer.


Max. 19' 8'' X 9' 10'' Max. 16' 4'' X 11' 5'' Folding Arms: Bionic tendon.


LED spotlights under the cassette, selectable colour combination, coloured front profiles,

shadeplus, Optional vertical blind in the front profile.


Small, but impressive! You will be surprised how much technological sophistication there is in this almost 5 inches flat cassette. The compact construction with the

U-shaped front profile in which the folding arms and awning cover disappear, and impressive angle of pitch of up to 70 degrees when ceiling mounted makes this awning best suited for smaller patios and balconies. Thanks to these advantages you can easily spend many hours relaxing in the shade. 


Add that certain extra touch to your Luxury Awning. 


The slim aluminum profile in the awning colour closes the gap between the awning and the wall, allowing rain to be discreetly drained off the awning. 


Max. 16' 4'' X 9' 10'' Folding Arms: Double chain-link arms, Optional Bionic tendon.


End caps polished chrome, valance.


Can an awning be merged visually into the architecture of a house?

The 3300 proves that it can. Depending on the structural situation, this designer awning, with its smooth front profile disappears completely into a wall or precisely into a recess. When extended, it comes into its own with dimensions of up to 22'11'' by 13'1''. And you can shade even larger areas by coupling up to three single awnings together. Make this awning a bit hit in your home. 


By virtue of exact recess installation in the ceiling or wall, the 3300 blends perfectly with its structural surroundings. 


Max. 22' 11'' X 13' 1'' Folding Arms: Bionic tendon.


Valance, coupled unit.


The 1710 interprets the classic awning shape in a contemporary manner. The visible round torque bar merges organically with the round cassette to form an elegant design feature. Due to its shape and the timelessly beautiful decorative elements made from polished chrome, the 1710 suits almost any patio. 


Available for narrow recesses and openings, with two crossover folding arms providing greater projection than width. 




For great performance on narrow patios, balconies and recesses: Thanks to the two crossover arms even awnings with narrow width can extend considerably further.


Max. 22' 11'' X 13' 1'' / Max. 22' 11'' X 11' 5'' Folding Arms: Bionic tendon.


Polished chrome fittings, valance, couple unit, stretch.


This awning was awarded the IF product design award for its harmonious, semi-circular design. As a semi-cassette awning, the 1600 is open to the bottom and still looks unique when it's fully extended. The top cover profile adapts itself to the angle of the pitch of the awning and closes completely flush with the front profile when retracted, which protects the cover safely from rain. 


Simply block out low-lying sun and prying eyes with the additional awning cover in the front profile. 


and underline the design of your semi-cassette awning in a brilliant manner.


Max. 23' 3'' X 13' 1'' Folding Arms: Twin chain, / Optional: Bionic tendon.


LED spotlights, end caps in polished chrome, valance, couple unit, stretch.


This awning moves differently from the rest, because as you retract the 930, the awning pivots into a horizontal position and disappears below the soffit. When extended, the angle of the pitch can be up to 80 degrees- so if required, the awning can pivot almost to the vertical. The 930 is perfect for all balconies and eaves that require no additional protection of the awning or awning cover. This awning allows you to enjoy being outside in the evening even when the sun is low in the sky. 


This additional decorative finish to the front profile lends the perfect balcony awning individual charm. 


The only 4.8 inches high cassette disappears discreetly under the soffit, when retracted. Only during the extension process does the 930 pivot to your desire angle. 


Max. 16' 4'' X 9' 10'' Folding Arms: Twin chain,




There are few seating areas outdoors that are protected on all sides from sun wind and prying eyes. Therefore, this slim side screen simply makes your life on balcony or patio more comfortable and enticing. The robust compact cassette can be mounted easily and can be extended with one movement. The 790 is always by your side when you need it and whenever you feel like making use of its benefits. 


The cover is available with a sloping top edge which can be adapted to the pitch of your existing awning or less. It creates a beautiful, enclosed and protected area free from prying eyes and the glare of the sun.  


The moving support post with granite baseplate stands secure, wherever you want it to.


For any situation.


Extension Max: 14' 9''  Height: 2' 9''- 8' 2'' 


Sloping top edge, mobilfix, various installation bracket options. 

Luxury Retractable Awnings, High End Retractable Awnings.


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