Schaneli, Awnings, pergolas, sail shades
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"Quality is not a differential, it's the bare minimum that a customer should receive when buying products and services"

We understand the passion for outdoor life and we know exactly what people who share this lifestyle want; for this reason, we do business in a different way.


We hire staff from those who share our passion for the outdoors. Our Staff members also known as ARNINGS are an example of our love for this lifestyle. With this in mind, we not only make sure that our ARNINGS understand the needs and preferences of our clients; but also, that the work is done from our passion and our reason for creating Schaneli.

For the love of the outdoor lifestyle in a responsible and safe way.

So, please let me introduce a part of our internal methods with which we train our staff members to assure our clients the job is properly completed the first time!

No 2) Efficiency does not mean that we rush to our next client while neglecting our present client; absolutely not! Each project must always be completed properly, inspected and approved by the client before attention is given to our next project-client. A project that is rushed to completion is totally unacceptable; and, we will never settle for a “rush job”.  

After the installation, all of our projects are strictly supervised by our Schaneli quality-service department. A schaneli representative could return to any job site to make sure that our client is satisfied with our work and that it has been properly completed.

No. 8) Even a crew talks. It tells its own story.

Every part of our products HAVE a story to tell. As you have seen during the training process, attention to every detail is mandatory. A good job is noticed, but a bad job is even more noticeable. EVERY part MUST be properly installed and working properly from the tiniest screw to the largest awning.  NO EXCEPTION.

No.11) Listen all the time. 

Please be especially attentive. LISTEN attentively to our client’s suggestions and opinions at all times. To listen attentively is to assure both parties a clear communication, everyone benefits with this habit. You are an important part in this process, because you are the ears of Schaneli and any suggestion however small it may seem, must be communicated to our office in order to improve our work, service and process. The result of this information could be incorporated into our company manual and for future operation manuals.

No.14) We transfer ownership of the awning at the moment of installation; But our heart remains with it for years.

Unlike most businesses, our service does not end when the retractable awning is installed. Quite the contrary, our commitment to excellence has just begun.

We must use our maximum effort, to fulfill the life time of each one of our products, in other words to take care of the investment of our clients, maintaining its retractable awnings in top condition and working order.  Most of our quality products have a long life if properly maintained and Installed.