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Marie Ocampo, Schaneli
Marie Ocampo
CEO & Founder


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We started Schaneli  from our passion for the outdoors,with the promise of:

LISTENING - VERIFYING - SURPRISING, not only our customers, but all the people who in one way or another interact with our SCHANELI. 

It’s in our essence, we have it in our DNA and in principle it’s very simple:


It’s very sad to see an operation that wears out by using the best materials, the most modern technology, and unrivaled workers to produce a final product of the finest quality when these products are delivered with poor service.

That’s simply unacceptable because all the effort and dedication the manufacturers put into the product is put to no good use by delivering with bad service.

For this reason we promise to make our consumers feel the same love and appreciation with which the original manufacturer made the product. 

The most important thing is to TAKE CARE AND MAINTAIN FOR YEARS.

Apart from my knowledge in the Awning Industry, my background in accounting has given me a very unique point of view.  One day I stopped to think what would happen if I created my own special Accounting department in Schaneli,  this department would not only deal with the numbers but it would also keep count of the SATISFACTIONS, JOBS WELL DONE, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, MOTIVATIONS, PASSION FOR THE SERVICE, etc.

This is how our unique philosophy of serving a



This at the end of the day, I am sure will make the difference and will maintain the sheets balance, just as the client deserves it. QUALITY + EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE.

Welcome to Schaneli, Where we work so You can

Have a Cool Day.




Pedro Castro
General Director. 
Salvador Romero
Satisfaction specialists.
Schaneli, Luxury Retractable Awnings, High End Retractable Awnings, German Retractable Awnings, European Retractable Awnings, Markilux
Carolina Gomez
Human Resources. 
Schaneli, Luxury Retractable Awnings, High End Retractable Awnings, German Retractable Awnings, European Retractable Awnings, Markilux
Dayan Morales
First Impressions Specialist. 
David Romero
Satisfaction specialists.
Nicolas Barrero


Our commitment is to keep your memories cool.

Because of our commitment to outdoor living, we want our Cool Friends (Clients) to enjoy their lives to the fullest with their friends, loved ones, and guests.

We want them to create good memories; while this is happening, we promise to keep them and their memories cool and relieving them of any concern about our awnings and services.

Note: Keeping them cool doesn't only mean providing shade, it means to relieve them of any concern about our awnings and services.


Thank you. 


Schaneli, We keep your memories cool, Awnings and pergolas, retractable awnings
Schaneli, we keep your memories cool, luxury retractables near me, awnings and pergolas

Thank you for choosing SCHANELI to create your memories. 

Life goes by quicker than we often realize. When we find enough time and peace of mind, we suddenly realize that our children are now young adults and are going off to college or into their career. We then realize that so many precious memories have gone by without notice.




Now is the time to enjoy a beautiful evening outdoors, socializing with family and friends. Imagine a nice hot breakfast and coffee outdoors with your spouse as the sun rises in the east and a peaceful and pleasant conversation. These wonderful memories will last a lifetime!



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