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For years we have specialized not just in retractable awnings but in the most

luxurious retractable awnings.

If you admire modern luxury, style and high-end quality,

You will find it all here, break free from tradition.

Trained in Germany.

Welcome to the Schaneli experience!

Luxury Retractable Awning by Schaneli in Nashville, TN

Schaneli, Luxury retractable Awnings, Aw

This story begins with our passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

It’s fascinating to watch our children play outdoors,

it’s wonderful to share a delicious drink with your partner or friends outside,

it’s just magical to sit and enjoy an excellent book, or a good cup of coffee in the fresh outdoor air...

This passion is what moves us day by day, it leads us to dedicate ourselves to the world of Awnings.

We focus not just in retractable Awnings, but in Luxury Retractable Awnings,

for a select group of cool friends who love luxury and are unique.
Our Luxury Retractable Awnings have a different proposal, not only in quality and service

but in attention to detail, design, and style. We are proud to be achieving this.

We invite you to thoroughly enjoy the outdoor lifestyle; but, please do so in a responsible manner.






Make Schaneli  your only choice. Call us now to live the Schaneli experience. 


Schaneli, Luxury Retractable Awnings, High End Retractable Awnings, German Retractable Awnings, European Retractable Awnings,

Luxury Retractable Awning installed by Schaneli in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA


Our natural place to create memories

Whatever you decide to do in the open air, just enjoy it...
We will keep you and your memories cool.
Some of our "COOLFRIENDS"
Schaneli, Luxury retractables, awnings,
Schaneli, Luxury retractables, awnings,
Schaneli, Luxury retractables, Awnings,
Schaneli, Luxury retractables, Awnings,
Schaneli, Luxury retractables, awnings,
Schaneli, Luxury retractables, Awnings,
Thank you for trusting Schaneli. 
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